Tom Lettrich I will make ANOTHER plea to Fox News... Please, for obituary - death of GOD, get rid of Chris Wallace!!! obituary - death is NOT part of the solution, he’s a HUGE part of the problem!!! obituary - death , in no way, contributes to the Focus and Values of your network. Everything that comes out of his mouth is “anti- Trump” and demeaning to your entire network and its entire staff!!!

Kimberly Poen I’m sorry, but if nursing homes must keep family members away from dying loved ones, when they were law abiding citizens, then the prison system should without out a doubt be closed to any and all visitors to keep the spread of disease down. Should have thought breaking the law through before you did it. Good try dude.

Darlene Mackes-Hamm Nice try Cohen, but no way. You don't deserve to get out early. I worry more for the elderly in nursing homes , their own homes then I do you and other prisoners. obituary - death locked down in place.

Dios Es Amor That's not a smart petition, free people from prison create more worries, if one with job already have worries and maintain a balance at each household and imaging with noo jobs for those families that might not have enough to balance their families and sent them a birthem at this point of the crisis, we don't know how better or worst is going to get also I think in prison they are safer from getting the virus that having more people larking around that might looking for job and might not respect the rule establish for everyone safety..

Becky Howard Oh My Goodness! That's so freaking funny! Forget obituary - death that they are in prisons to be punished for crimes....let's free them all for fear they will get sick. obituary - death and germs, among other things, are a part of prison life....that's just how it is. Don't like it, then live a cleaner
life where you don't have to worry about things like pesky prison sentences and what may happen while you are living in your new .
Rudy Dominguez Sure let's let all of the prisoners out not just him why does he want special treatment LOL oh yeah because he served a politician that should give him immunity right LOL it's a joke all these corrupt politicians should be doing the most time possible Behind Bars we shouldn't give them a break just because they were lawyers are politicians judges policeman Etc

Shawn Russell This is a bad idea for law abiding citizens! He would have more access to the media via certain channels. Also, obituary - death gives him many other freedoms( penning a book) that he does not deserve. As the song goes--"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might find, you get what you need"!! obituary - death would be--the remainder of his time in prison!